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Certificate in Basic Business Skills (BBS)

Don't leave your career to chance.

Get the knowledge you need to jump-start your professional life. Round out high school, technical training and college credentials with this top-notch, entry-level BBS certificate. Learn the skills you need to launch your professional career while building a competitive advantage that sets you apart from peers and coworkers. Quickly gain recognition with promotions and increased responsibilities. Earn more money - now. This certificate is instructor-led training that provides communication between you and the instructor by learning through a pre-test assessment, in-text exercises, case-studies, self-evaluation, and a post-test assessment.

Certificate Modules:

  1. Developing Basic Job Skills | 1 CEU
  2. Keeping Customers for Life | 1 CEU
  3. Business Writing: When English Is a Second Language | 1 CEU
  4. Interpersonal Communication Skills in the Workplace | 1 CEU
  5. Taking Control with Time Management | 1 CEU

Skills Earned

  • How to optimize your personal and professional time management strategies
  • How to understand the business world and give you the tactics you need to succeed
  • How to write and edit compelling business correspondence
  • How to communicate effectively with management as well as all team members
  • How to seize Customer Service Opportunities



Target Audience

  • Business Owners
  • Managers and Supervisors
  • Department Heads
  • Intermediate-level Professionals
  • Entry-level Professionals
  • New College Graduates
  • New High School Graduates
  • Aspiring Professionals, Managers, Supervisors and Department Heads