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English Business Correspondence


This course helps students develop quality writing skills by explaining and identifying the steps involved in the writing process. It develops the skills necessary for successful business writing: reports, emails, letters and faxes. Special emphasis is given to the processes of writing objectives, good organization, data reports and research methods, choosing effective words and composing concise paragraphs that make writing clear and persuasive. The importance of proper grammar, punctuation, and spelling is highlighted, as emphasis is placed on editing and revising pieces of writing. Students also learn proper research techniques, utilizing the Modern Language Association (MLA) style.

General Objectives

Learning the mechanics of written communication including presentations, memos, letters, and reports. To become an effective business communicator in today’s changing workplace.


Course Title Hrs
Business Writing40

Skills Earned

  • Overcome the barriers to communication
  • Understand the action-reflection approach to writing
  • Understand the importance of good sentence and paragraph construction
  • Prepare ideas using tree diagrams
  • Find the appropriate tone
  • Identify common grammatical errors
  • Write professional business documents (letters, memoranda, reports, e-mails, proposals)
  • Conduct effective meetings through professional documents
  • Design their written presentation
  • Use checklists to review their writing
  • Choose the appropriate communication channel