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Cambridge English Language Teaching

Educational Partner

"A name you can trust…"

Cambridge is one of the world's leaders in the English Language Teaching Industry, present in almost every country in the world. Its curriculums exemplify the cutting edge of English teaching methodology. The quality of the Cambridge ELT is universally acknowledged for its teaching profession. For that, whatever your reason is, education, job enhancement, traveling, using the internet freely, helping your kids, etc… you can count on Cambridge ELT to support you in achieving your goals.

Industry Leader in English Language Teaching:

Based on its more than 30 years of experience, Infocenter is proud to bring to the State of Kuwait Cambridge's unique learning experience. Cambridge English Language Teaching is presented by a team of experienced professionals based in over 40 countries worldwide providing you with the suitable training for your needs. It provides you with 10 levels of conventional English language teaching in addition to The English Track, TOEFL preparation and ESP courses.

Cambridge ELT Programs:

We offer two types of programs, Conventional English Teaching Program and The English Track Program.