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Skills For Success: A Guide for Secretaries and Administrative Assistants | CEUs:2

Course Description

As a secretary or administrative assistant in today's workplace your title no longer adequately reflects the breadth and depth of the tasks you must actually manage. The "secretary's job" now requires not only complete mastery of office skills, superior human relations insight, and extraordinary communication skills, but also the ability to keep the whole operation running smoothly. This unique self-study course will enable you to strengthen your decision-making, interpersonal communication, listening, people and time management skills. Numerous situational scenarios reflect the expanded responsibilities that challenge today's secretary and administrative assistant. After completing this course you'll project a more confident, more capable take-charge attitude - one that commands respect.

Skills Earned
  • Double your personal productivity using seven proven techniques
  • Set priorities to manage your time more efficiently
  • Expedite problem-solving and decision-making using five proven techniques
  • Respond non-defensively and constructively to criticism
  • Apply successful strategies for defusing negative and emotional confrontations
  • Create "win-win" outcomes in conflict situations
  • Communicate effectively to insure cooperation and understanding
  • Discover career growth opportunities within your present job
  • Minimize the negative effect of change