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The TOEFL Trackعربي


This program guarantees your TOEFL iBT Test pass (70 out of 120 minimum). The TOEFL Track gives the chance to those who lack the right skills for the TOEFL test. During the first 2 months of the program, candidates learn and develop the needed TOEFL skills in all four sections (Speaking, Writing, Listening and Reading). The third month is mastering the exam strategies. Moreover, the TOEFL Track definitely improves the students’ general English language too.


  • To pass your TOEFL iBT TEST
  • To arm yourself with the needed English language skills
  • To walk through TOEFL Skills development step by step learning and practicing
  • To get familiar with testing formats
  • To master Writing/ Reading/ Listening and Speaking professionally and personally
  • To save time and money on holding a new experience


Course Title Hrs
TOEFL Track 112

Target Audience

  • High school students
  • Immigration applicants
  • Masters applicants


English level 4 and above (according to Inforcenter placement test)/ CEFR B1.


The TOEFL Track consists of 2 months and one last intensive month of sample tests and best practices and techniques for the TOEFL exam.

Skills earned

  • Reading Skill: the ability to read well and understand the overall meaning and the detailed information according to the questions.
  • Listening Skill: the ability to understand from different kinds of topics and accents depending on listening conversations and lectures.
  • Speaking Skill: the ability to express opinions & experiences coherently in a limited time.
  • Writing Skill: the ability to write organized information with supporting ideas based on personal experience or from given reading and listening passages.