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Excel Workshop Part2: Maximizing the Benefits of Excel Add-Ins


This workshop introduces Power Pivot to any user who knows Excel and want to create reports with more complex and large data structures than a single table made by few thousand rows. Also improves skills on Power Pivot for Excel, introducing you to the DAX language and important features such as CALCULATE and Time Intelligence functions.

General Objectives
  • Use Power Pivot to create powerful reporting mechanisms
  • Automate data integration with Power Query
  • Create eye-catching visualizations and Dashboards with Power View
  • Gain insight and analytical power with Data Mining tools
  • Publish dashboards and reports to the web
Course Title Hrs
Maximizing the Benefits of Excel Add-Ins (Powerpivot and Power View) Workshop 20

  • Basic Microsoft Office knowledge
  • Advanced Microsoft Excel Knowledge
  • Basic Windows Navigation
  • A general concept of database
  • A basic understanding of how prepare reports
Skills Earned
  • How to use a database to get past excel limitations
  • How to use slicers to filter data
  • How to manage relationships
  • How to create your own calculated columns
  • How to utilize DAX to create calculated columns
  • How to refresh and managing external data connections
  • How to start a power view dashboard
  • How to create and working with power view charts
  • How to visualizing data on a power view map
  • How to add and manage map visualizations
  • How to install power query
  • How to connect to a wide array of data sources
  • How to create and using power query functions
Target Audience

This workshop is ideal for advanced user of Excel & looking for ways to enhance your skills in data analysis, pivoting & reporting areas.